This tutorial will show you how to add new article in member portal.

Check left side menus, select Article section and then click Add New.


On Add New Article page, you will find that there are four sections: Title, Body, Summary, and Tag.

create article


There are a few tips for each of those four sections. We strongly suggest you to follow those tips since it will help you create a SEO friendly article.

Once you fill out this page, click Save button save button1 located on the top of this page to continue. It will then direct you to that article’s editing page automatically.

So far new article has been added. However it will not be published until you push Publish button in its editing page.

In case you are stuck while adding new articles, feel free to hit that Start the tour green button. It will guide you through steps.

start the tour add article

Please check our next tutorial about how to edit article.