This tutorial shows you how to upload images, feature image, insert images, and show image gallery in the article post.

Actually this is the same way for listing post.

Upload Images and Files to Article/Listing

When you are at either article’s or listing’s editing page, click Media button button mediaon the top to start uploading images. Then you will see this image upload window pop up.

Click on Upload button to select the image from your computer to upload.

upload image

If you like to upload multiple images in one time for the post, you can press Ctrl key on the keyboard while left clicking to select multiple images. And then click Open to firm the selection. After that, you will see your selected images being uploaded one by one. When uploading is done, you will notice that the image upload window becomes like this:

confirm image uploaded

When you move your cursor on any of the images uploaded, it allows you to edit, crop or delete that image.

When you done uploading images, click Done button to continue. After that, you will see those images displayed in the Media section.

media section with images1

There are tips on both top and bottom part. I highlighted some of them. For example, you can just drag and drop them to re-arrange image orders.

Just so you know, you can not only upload images but files (for example PDF file) you like to add to the article post. But there’s limitation on file size: individual image or file cannot exceed 2MB in size. Over size file cannot be uploaded successfully. You need to use some third party tool to re-size your file if it exceeds maximum size allowed.

Set Feature Image for Article/Listing

Featured image will be displayed as thumbnail for that article/listing in your website.

Once image(s) being uploaded, (refer to screenshot image above) you will be reminded to set one of them as feature image for the article/listing. Just click on that little Tag icon under the image you want it to be feature image. Then its done!

Insert Image or File to Article/Listing

Firstly, you move your cursor and click where you want image/file to be inserted in the article body or listing description; Lastly, click on that little Disk icon under the image/file you want it to be inserted. That’s it.

Display Image Gallery in Article/Listing

Still in the article editing page, in Gallery section. This option allows your website visitors to see image gallery in your article.

If it’s a listing, in that listing editing page, there is a Display Option section where you kinda have the similar setting to control how images being displayed in that listing.

image gallery option

There are three parts in Gallery section: Display, Position, and Style.

Display: If you like to display all your uploaded images in your article body, you have to check that check box.

Position: You choose where that image gallery will be displayed: on top or bottom of the article.

Style: If you check Image list option, all images uploaded to that article will be displayed vertically; if you check Slide Show option, all images will be displayed in a slide show.

P.S. Don’t forget to hit Save button save button1 on the top during and after you change anything. And Remember that Start the tour green button will guide you through the process in case you need it.

start the tour edit article