Follow this simple two steps to insert video into the article post.

First thing first, you need to go to the editing page of that article which you wish to add video to. (Check How to Edit Article tutorial for how to get into the article editing page.)

Step 1 Hit Video Insert Icon

In the article body editing section, where you will find a video insert icon among those many other editing icons.

import video url step1

Click on that icon, and then…

Step 2, Input Video Link

In the Insert/edit video pop up window:

import video url step 2

Copy and paste your video’s complete URL into Source field. Or click on Embed tab and paste complete video embedding code there. And then click OK to continue.

And you’re done, you will find that video been successfully inserted into the article body.

import video url step3

Once you publish the article, you will be able to see that video embedded in that article on the website.