Having a website is just the beginning. Website is not just another business card. It could be a powerful tool to get leads for your business. Wait a minute, how possibly it would work to get you leads if no one is visiting your website? Therefore your first goal should be to pull a lot of strangers who are likely be interested in your product and service to your website.
advertising on newspaper

Method One: Advertising

This method might pop out of anyone’s mind if they have no idea of internet marketing. Most of the times, I see people advertising their websites on local newspaper, which is not wrong but definitely not the most effective way to do advertising. (By the way, there is the right way to promote website on traditional media. We will cover that topic in future posts.)

Let me explain, it will make sense if you put ads on other’s websites that your potential clients often visit. In order to do so, you need to know:

– who your targeted clients are;

– what your potential clients want;

– where(what websites) they usually hang out.

Another way is to tell search engine what your ideal clients would be, and let them push your ads in front of your potential clients. Sounds great, doesn’t it? There are two ways to do so. One way is by paid advertising in search engines, i.e. Google Adwords, Yahoo Bing Ads, FaceBook Ads, and Twitter Ads. The other way is by natural organic listing ranking, or called SEO ranking.

Method Two: Organic SEO Ranking

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines, in my opinion, are no longer limited to Google, Yahoo, Bing or Baidu. It should also refer to those popular social media i.e. FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weibo, and WeChat since they have gathered enough user profiles. Each of those search engines have their way of ranking web pages or user profiles. All you have to do is to follow each of their rules in order to rank your business information on their first search result page.

content creationNo matter how different their rules might be, they are looking at at least one same thing to decide whether your business shall be ranked, it is your content. That’s why SEO marketing is also called content marketing. Content is not only in text format, but in image, audio, video, slideshow, infographic, and all other different formats of communication.

The general rule is that the more relevant your content is, the more frequently you update the content to website, the more likely your website will be ranked on search engine’s search result page.

Now comes two new questions:

– How to define relevancy?

– How frequent is good enough?

Relevant Content With Quality

To find out what’s relevant, you have to understand what your potential clients would be searching for. If your content could answer their question or address their concern, it is considered to be highly relevant content. For example, you are a real estate agent who wish to get more home buyer clients. In order to create relevant content, you need to know who are your targeted buyers: single, young family, seniors, or else? Why they want to buy now? Where they want to buy? What they are looking to buy? And you have to make sure that you don’t post duplicated content, otherwise search engine would de-valuate your content quality.

Frequent Update In Consistency

Because every content creation takes time and effort, it is a big challenge to do so consistently. A lot of SEO advisers agree that once a week might be a OK frequency; twice a week might be a good one; once every other day might be a decent one; once everyday is closer to perfection. Because search engines aim to provide searchers with the most recent result. The more frequent your content is updated, the more likely search engines rank your website on the their search result pages.


How Market-O-Matic Can Help?

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