Follow these instructions to add new category for your listing.

Go to Categories in Listings menu section on the left.

listing category menu

Usually when a brand new website is built, a default listing category called featured listings has been built automatically.

You can change its display name if you want. But that is the listing category that you are not allowed to delete or change its category type.

Add Listing Category

We will demo how to create a new listing category. Please be noted that this is a advance function for advance users only.

add listing create new button

In this example, we want to add Pre Sale category. First I click on the Create New Property Category button.

Now we will fill out this new category detail.

add listing category detail

The form itself is quite self-explainable. There is one thing you need to pay attention to, which is fill out info under all available languages.

In this example, because we have a three languages website, you need to fill out category Name and Description under all three languages available.

Take category Name for example, click on English tab first and then put a English name in the field like this:

add listing category title-1

And secondly click on 简体中文 tab and then put a simplified Chinese name there:

add listing category title-2

and lastly, click on 繁体中文 tab and then put a traditional Chinese name there:

add listing category title-3

Same way to put description in English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese in Description field.

Parent Category and Category Type

add listing category parent category and type

You can set the new category as a sub-category. In that case, you need to select its Parent Category from the drop down menu.

You can set the new category in one or multiple Category Type. In this demo, we want our new category Pre Sale to be both article category and property category.

The reason why is because we want to display both articles of Pre Sale category and listings of Pre Sale category in one web page. (How we are able to do that, we will explain in another tutorial.)

Once you’ve done filling out the category info, hit Save button add category save button to complete. Then it will look like this:

add listing category complete