Follow the following steps to manually add property listing in your website member portal.

Click on Add New of the Listing menu on the left side.


Then you will be on the Add New Listing page.

There are seven major sections that you need to fill out with your listing detail:

Section One, General Info

add listing general info
add listing virtual tour

In the General Info section, you have to put a good title for your listing (there is a tip below the title field which gives you some idea of how to write a SEO friendly title).

Just put the property address in the title is NOT a good idea though. Thinking of putting up something unique to differentiate your listing from many others.

In that section, you will also have to put listing description, summary (optional), and virtual tour URL (if you have a virtual tour for that listing, put its complete URL there).

Section Two, Location and Map

add listing location

In the Location section, you want to make sure to select its correct province, city, and community (neighbourhood) first. And then type in correct address in the Address and Postal Code fields.

Because once you’ve done those, you click on Get map from address button in the Map section. That will bring up the correct maps for your listing.

get map from address

In the Map section, you will find there are three maps in total: Google Map, Google Street View, and Bing Birds Eye.

If you put your address 100% correct, it should bring up all three maps right. If not, most probably because it is a new address that never been recorded before. Then you might want to manually input its Latitude, Longitude in the listing’s editing page. Or simply don’t let the wrong maps to display in the listing. We will show you how in How to Edit Listing tutorial.

Section Three, MLS Listing Info

MLS listing info

In the MLS Listing Info section, you can fill out the following information: MLS number, listing date (click to select date from the calendar), listing agent, and listing brokerage.

Section Four, Price

listing price

There is a default value in the Price field. You can edit the number directly (do not put any $ sign there, put only numbers there). Or you can the up and down arrow to adjust the price.

For those of you who want to hide the listing price, check Hide Price check box and then input some Hide Price Text below.

Section Five, Basic Info

listing basic info

Basic Info section has the following essential info that potential home buyers would first look at:

  • Listing status (active, sold, price reduced, removed);
  • Buy or Rent;
  • Listing Type (Residential or Commercial);
  • Property Type;
  • Year Built;
  • Total Bedrooms;
  • Total Bathrooms;
  • Floor Size;
  • Lot Size.

Therefore it is required and will be displayed in the listing page by default. However you can choose to hide those basic info if you want. For example for those in-the-pocket listings, or commercial listings. We will explain it in detail in How to Edit Listing tutorial.

Section Six, Detail Info Features and Amenities

listing detail info 1

Detail Info, Features and Amenities are optional. Your website will be able to display those you have filled out and checked Show check box beside.

Section Seven, Open House

open house

Once you set it up, it will be displayed in the listing on website. Once open house date or time you set expires, it will be automatically hidden.

After you complete all sections, hit the Save button save button1 to continue. It will then direct you to the listing editing page where you can define a few other things.

However there is an easy way to add all listing detail info. By clicking Import button import button. It allows you to import ANY active MLS listing (it doesn’t matter it is your own listing or not) and automatically fill out all the sections in the Add New Listing page. Super easy and effortless function that we designed for our members. And you still need to hit Save button once listing is imported.

Anyhow, you still need this tutorial to check how to manually add new listing especially for those in-the-pocket listings or pre sale listing if you wish. Whenever you stuck when adding the listing info, check that green Start the tour button, it will guide you through the steps.

add listing tour button