Basically if it is your own listing, it will automatically change the status from “active” to “sold” within 24 to 72 hours after it comes off MLS active listings database. If it isn’t, you could use one of the options below to add it to your website.

Option #1, Manually add sold listings

Just like adding any normal listing, you select Listings on the left side menu and then click on Add New. Then you fill out all the blanks on the right side, including listing description, school district, address, price and so on. And of course, it is a sold listing you are going to add this time. So make sure to turn on its Sold status. You will find it under Listing Options > Status. Once you are done, click Publish button to save and publish that sold listing to your website.

However, if that listing was on your website before, now you want to change it to sold listing. Very simple, just locate that listing and then select it to start editing. You just need to turn on its Sold status. You will find it under Listing Options > Status. Once you are done, click Update button to save the change.

If you also want to show “Sold” badge on that sold listing, you can. Find Listing Badge under Listing Options, and then choose “Sold” for Custom Listing Badge options. Or, if you want to customize your own style for your sold listing, you can use Add a new badge section.

Option #2, Import sold listings from MLS

Basically Real Estate Boards’ MLS database only includes active listings. Once listings are sold, they will be pulled off the database immediately. There are no sold listings being kept in Boards’ MLS.

However, we are licensed to have access to Boards’ MLS database. Our system saves everyday’s copy of MLS database. Therefore theoretically we have all the records of sold and new listings in our system. Please note that only our advance MLS IDX users have access to this MLS import function.

You could also import any listing, new or sold, by its MLS #. Our system keeps all MLS listings history for up to 2 months. If it is off MLS active listings database for more than 2 months, you could only use Option #1 to manually add it to your website.

Select MLS Import under Listings from left side menu.

Then type in MLS # for that sold listing, do remember to check “Sold listing” before you hit “Get listing details” button. And then it will load that sold listing including its images and detail info. When you confirm that is the listing you want to import, just click on “Import” button and system will take a few minutes to import it to your listings. After that, you will be able to edit whatever you need for that sold listing.