Follow these instructions to edit existing listings through your member portal.

You will be directed to listing editing page automatically after you hit Save button on Add New Listing page.

Or, at any time go to Listings > All (on left side menu)

editing listing menu

Locate the listing that you want to edit on, click on that little pencil icon edit icon to go into that listing’s editing page.

You will notice that Listing Editing page is quite similar to Add New Listing page, except for some additional sections.

Display Option

edit listing gallery

Where you control how all images uploaded to the listing being displayed. (For how to upload images to listing, please refer to this tutorial.)

For each and every listing, you can also control hide or show the following features.

edit listing feature display

Don’t check any check box there if you want to show those features on the listing page.

Listing Categories

edit listing page categories

By fault, any new listing you added will be categorized in Featured Listings. Any type of listing can be featured listing and will be displayed in featured listing page. No matter whether it is a residential or commercial listing, active or sold listing. In another word, if you don’t want it to be listed in featured listings page, you’d better uncheck that check box.

Any listing can be under multiple categories. In this example. we created a Pre Sale category (check how to create listing category). If we check that Pre Sale check box for the listing we are editing on and save the change, we will find it to be listed on both featured listing page and pre sale listing page.

Remember: Whenever you feel that you need some guidance when editing the listing, click on that green Start the tour button.

edit listing tour green button