After website is created, you will be able to edit default pages and add new pages in the member portal.

Edit Default Pages

Check Website section on the left side and click Pages

website pages

All default pages will be listed on the right. You will notice that at the beginning of each page title, there is a edit icon icon. Click on it to edit default page content. Default pages cannot be deleted.

Create New Pages

Click on add pages to create new pages.

It has four sections:

  1. Name: Give your new page a unique name. This must be in English letters only because it will be used to generate page permalink.
  2. Title: new page title. Consider making it SEO friendly? Then include your major keyword in the title. Do remember to select different language tabs to add title for different language (if your website is enabled in multiple languages).
  3. Content: This is the body content of your new page.
  4. Summary: It is optional.

Once you fill out all above four sections, click on save button1  button to save.

When you go back to page lists (Website->Pages on the left side menu), you will notice that at the beginning of each created page (or called non default page) title, there are two icons: delete icon delete icon and edit icon edit icon. So you know you can edit or delete any non default page.