Building Traffic & Leads

Building traffic to your site is the basis to attract quality leads to your business. Follow our traffic building tactics and avoid all the possible errors and mistakes. Do it efficiently and at an affordable price!

WeChat In-App Targeting


The ONLY Way to Target Chinese Clients

Completely different from Mobile App, WeChat is a combination of FaceBook, Instragram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Blogs, news and marketplace for Chinese community. It is the ONLY place to reach out Chinese speaking customers.

Content Creation

content creation

Unique & High Quality Content

Content is the organic way of attracting traffic and leads to your site. We get to know your market and targeted audience before creating unique contents, including articles, videos, podcast, slideshow, infographics, etc.

Mobile App

mobile app

Help Content Go Viral

Create mobile App for your business and people can free download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. That will definitely help your website content go viral.

Social Blogging

social blogging

Social Media Marketing

No time or tired of social media marketing? Whether during your busy period when time is at a premium or throughout the year we can manage your marketing for you. We post to your FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Weibo, Wechat, QQ, etc.

Listing Promotion

Maximize Listing Exposure

Promote your own listings and your featured listings everywhere on the internet, including most popular classified ads site Craigslist.

24/7 Live Chat

Most Effective Way To Capture Leads

Our 24/7 live chat human agents greet every visit to your website, using visitor’s preferred language, no matter it’s Chinese, Arabian, German, Italian or else. It is the most active and effective way to capture all possible leads for you 24/7.

Customized Marketing

customized marketing

Tailor To Your Marketing Needs

Customized marketing campaign services, including Google Adwords, landing page design and split test, leads capture pop up, leads capture footer bar and so on.

Keyword Tracking

Make Ranking Goal Crystal Clear

We track your website organic rankings every day for every keyword you specified in search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and so on.

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