Email Marketing To Interact With Leads

Email Marketing systematically keep the leads warm and improves the chances of turning them into clients.

Auto Listing Email

Automatically Send Matched Listings

Automatically send matched listings to your registered leads. Listing email frequency can be customized at the back office.

Auto Blog Email


Automatically Send Blog Update

Automatically send your new blog content to your site subscribers and registered leads. Blog email frequency can be customized at the back office.

Custom Email Campaign

Customize Individual Email Campaign

You can customize any email campaign to send to registered customers. For example, to combine your favorite blogs with your featured listings in one email.

MailChimp Integration

Integrate With MailChimp

Integrate your website subscribers, registered users to MailChimp email list, so that you can also use MailChimp to send email campaigns at your wish.

Email Campaign Tracking

Track Email Campaign Results

We track open rate, click through rate and so on for every email campaign, so that you can tell instantly which email campaign is more successful.

Do You Need Support?

If you need support on setting up proper email marketing account and/or auto-responders, please contact us.