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A considerable amount of traffic is coming to your website, and you wonder why you didn’t get enough contacts. This nine possible ways to capture real estate leads on your website might help you solve the puzzle.

We categorize them into three types: direct contact requestlisting sign up request, and content sign up request. The reason behind is that you should deal with leads from different categories in different ways in order to close them.

Direct Contact Request

#1 Phone Number or Call Button

Make sure that your phone number is big and bold and noticeable everywhere on your website. Make sure that the phone number is in text instead of in image (unless you make it a clickable call button), so that when visitors check your website on their mobile devices, they can click and dial that number directly.

#2 Email Contact Form

Make sure that each and every real estate listing on your website comes with a contact form customized for that specific listing, so that your potential real estate leads can quickly fill out with their name, email and hit send button without having to mention that listing they are interested.

Real estate lead from “direct contact request” is typically the highest quality because the prospect is signaling clear buying intent, or at least the desire to shop around. Therefore, these leads should be prioritized.

While perhaps not naturally as warm as a referral, they are asking for a conversation. We highly recommend you call or email back those leads within 10 minutes upon receiving their requests. Be persistent to make sure a meeting gets on the calendar.

Listing Sign Up Request

You can come up with free offer ideas to exchange for leads information. Here are the three ways we recommend for real estate professionals:

#3 Pocket or Private Listing

Offer your potential real estate buyer leads with your pocket or private real estate listings (if any) to get their name and email as an exchange.

#4 Prestigious Private Showing

For those who want to attract high end real estate buyers, you may find offering first class private showing is highly effective to capture that type of leads.

#5 Priority New Listing Email Notification

You offer the potential leads with your priority email notification whenever there is any new listing matching their interested neighbourhood or searching criteria.

Real estate leads from “listing sign up request” category are usually the moderate to high quality because the prospect shows clear interest in listing offers. A personal thank you email immediately upon request is a must. And regular follow up emails to keep those leads warm are crucial. You might want to diagnose their real interests and encourage personal meeting or phone call any time soon.

Content Sign Up Request

High quality and unique content is highly welcome and a great way to get leads interest and to build your rapport. Here are the five content ideas to capture real estate leads:

#6 Video Channel

#7 Blogs

#8 Free Seminars/Webinars

#9 Special Report (White Paper) Tailored For Your Audiences

Leads are mostly likely become subscribers to one of more of those contents. While some may be considering hiring your services, many others are really just trying to educate themselves.

It’s fine to ask once for time on their calendar, but you’re better served approaching these leads with additional content and education opportunities. Staying top of mind should eventually yield a contact or listing sign up request.

Conclusion: Implement at least one from each category will mostly boost your ratio of capturing leads from massive traffic to your website. Be aware that cold leads from outbound marketing are usually skeptical, shopping around, tough to impress and hard to pin down.

But don’t be mistaken. Those leads can be gold. You just need to do a lot of things right all at once to close the deal.

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