When you start any search in search engines, Google for example, you would find some ads on the top followed by 10 organic search results. There would also be some ads displayed on the right side and sometimes on the bottom of the search result page. If your business website shows up in the first search result page- either in 10 top organically ranked spots or in those ads spots, your chance of getting more traffic is huge.

Google search result page-SEO and Adwords

How SEO Works and Why Might Not For You

Organic search ranking is the outcome of successful search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is definitely not something that happens right away. SEO usually takes longer time to gain traffic, 6 to 9 months are typical to start to drive traffic to the website through some effective SEO jobs. And decent SEO jobs require a lot of money and effort. You should look at thousands of dollars per month for such decent SEO jobs done by real SEO expert.

I know lots of businesses make the same mistake over and over again. That is, before making enough revenue or sales, they hire some SEO agency or person and spend thousands of dollars every month hoping to drive more traffic to their website. By the time enough traffic finally pour in, those businesses would not be able to stay afloat. Even if say the SEO jobs are pretty effective, they hit the jackpot and get tons of traffic in just 6 or 9 months. However since their business didn’t have an effective sales funnel in place, those traffic won’t necessarily convert to leads or sales. So those businesses end up losing tons of money and fail.

How Advertising Works And Not Works

Advertising on the other hand is a better way to start with. Once you set up a right sales funnel, you should use the paid traffic to test the market so that you could figure out what keywords would bring in traffic that gonna convert to leads or sales. Then use those keywords in your SEO jobs. Because SEO won’t convert itself unless it brings in targeted traffic that prove to convert.

However businesses could still lose money by putting ads on the wrong advertising networks or not knowing how to set up proper advertising campaigns. You got to know how to use your advertising money wisely to set up the right advertising campaign in order to drive highly targeted traffic. And you got to monitor and change and test on the campaign over and over again in order to fine tune your campaign and to find those highly converted keywords.

What Advertising Platforms To Use

Google Adwords and FaceBook advertising are the two most effective advertising platforms because they cover 99% of the web users and traffic. And the best part is with those two advertising platforms, you could literally start with small advertising budget say a few hundreds per month. And once you fine tune one advertising campaign you could scale it by putting in more advertising money. That way you would find out which keywords convert and based on that start investing in more money on some decent SEO jobs to double up your sales.

How Market-O-Matic Can Help?

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