Now some of you have been taught that you need to do to get to the kind of uniqueness in content that Google wants to index (in another word search engine friendly or SEO friendly), that searchers want to find (also called user satisfied), that is likely to earn you amplification and links and all the signals that you’ll need to perform well in the search engine rankings, and to perform well on social media and in content marketing of all kinds.

What Unique Content Is

What unique content really is in today’s internet world.  It shall meet all of the following criteria:

One Of A Kind

One of a kind is basically what we meant when we said old unique content, meaning that the engines have never seen those words and phrases and numbers and visuals and whatever in that order on a page on the web previously. It’s been written for the first time, produced and published for the first time. Therefore, it is one of a kind, doesn’t appear elsewhere.


Relevant meaning it contains content that both searchers and engines interpret as on topic to that searcher’s query or their intent. Sometimes you can be on topic to the query, meaning you’ve used the words and the phrases that the searcher used, and not be on topic to their intent. What did they actually want to get out of the search? What question are they trying to answer? What information are you trying to get?


This one’s pretty obvious. You should resolve the searcher’s query in a useful, efficient manner. That should be a page that does the job that they’re hoping that that content is going to do.

Great user experience

This means it’s easy and pleasurable to consume anywhere on any device.

Uniquely valuable

This is the one we’re going to be talking about today, and what we mean here is provides information that’s unavailable or hard to get elsewhere. I will explain in detail below.

seo unique content

How Exactly To Be Uniquely Valuable

Massive upgrade in aggregation, accessibility and design

Meaning you should have someone who views that content say, “Wow. You know, I’ve seen this material presented before, but never presented so well, never so understandable and accessible. I really like this resource because of how well aggregated, how accessible, how well designed this resource is.”

Information that is available nowhere else

I mean unique information, information that, even if it were written about thousands of different ways, I couldn’t find it anywhere else on the web. You want your visitor to have experience of, “Wow, without this site I never would have found the answers I sought.””Ah-ha this information was never available until now.”

Content presented with a massively differentiated voice or style

So this is not necessarily you’ve aggregated information that was previously unavailable or you’ve made it more accessible or you’ve designed it in a way to make it remarkable. It’s not necessarily information available nowhere else. It’s really more about the writer or the artist behind the content creation, and content creators, the great ones, have some artistry to their work. The chart, the sound recording, the video, and so on. All those creative styles of content counts.

When it comes to create uniquely valuable content, you need to put consistency into consideration as well. Schedule your work on your next unique content once a week or more, that would assure you a quicker SEO organic rankings in Google and any other search engines.