It’s hard to believe that WeChat real estate marketing becomes extremely successful until not long ago, Business Insider – one of the most popular business oriented website, posted an article in titled “Chinese nationals are buying multi-million dollar US homes using the country’s most popular instant messaging app“.  Once that article was published, it caught attentions from many local mainstream media.

Locals couldn’t imagine any multi million dollar real estate deal could be made through an instant messaging app like Twitter. However for Chinese people, it is true and happening not just now but for a fairly long period of time.

WeChat real estate marketingSo far there are 650 million — largely Chinese (not only those Chinese living in China and Chinese speaking countries, but Chinese speaking people all over the world) – users on WeChat. That’s more than double the US population.

For a North American (American and Canadian) real estate agent , do you need WeChat to get more real estate clients? The answer is certain.

Then the next question is how to start. To set up a WeChat real estate marketing platform. There are two kinds of WeChat marketing platforms:

A. Exclusive Platform

WeChat allows any individual or business to have their own platform, as long as one can prove his/her Chinese citizenship ID or official China registered business certificate. Once it’s been proved, you can have your exclusive WeChat platform which you could use to do any sort of real estate marketing or promotion.


It belongs to you exclusively. You can build up your personal or business brand through that platform.


You need to build up everything from scratch – from content creation and publishing, to gaining fans or subscribers. There will be a lot of work involved.

B. Other Existing Platforms

Obviously those are not your own WeChat platforms. You can negotiate with some existing platforms to promote you and your real estate listings etc.


You don’t need to provide or prove your Chinese identity. You got to share what the other platforms already have: same numbers of fans or subscribers.


Not ideal to build your own brand. Your competitors could be on the same platform too.

At Market-O-Matic, we believe everyone can do their online marketing with the right tool and guidance. We could definitely help to save your time and effort no matter whether you want an exclusive WeChat real estate marketing platform, or want to join an existing platform. Talk to us today to find out.