Option One: Automatic Translation

Website that use any type of auto translation plugin or widget is NOT a real multi language friendly site. However it is still a good option for those who are lack of resources for the manual translation. A good example of such auto translation widget is Google translation. Google translation could instantly translate your content into many different foreign languages it supports. Unfortunately, those translation is not good enough for human especially not for those native speakers.

We offer Google auto translation widget configuration service.


Option Two: Manual Translation

Our multi-language module is the solution to make your site really multi-language friendly, not only to search engines, but to human. Because we manually translate all the website menus and general terms into the language you select. And we put every language translation in a separate structure so that search engines will treat it as a totally different site. That is the best for SEO and will help with your website ranking in language specific search result. Plus our translation makes perfect sense for that language native speakers.

Within Market-O-Matic site builder, you can choose to activate multi-language module.

We also provide manual translation service for your individual blogs, articles, and page content.

Currently we support simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese module. In the future, we will add Korean, Japanese and Punjabi to the supported language modules.