blogging content marketing flower-400There is little doubt that blogging is tough work. Every week and often every other day, content needs to be written, posted and promoted through a multitude of channels like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google Plus. Regular bloggers are all too often left thinking their hard work and effort is really worth the time.

The thought of giving it all up will regularly enter our thoughts and we just want to have a nice, quiet life without worrying about our next blog, its content and the idea behind it. But when you see your blog generating revenue, getting lots of hits and filling your satisfaction levels, it can be a tremendous feeling.

Often we will read our own work over and over again and imagine you are a new reader reading the content for the first time. To get an achievable goal in successful blogging you must commit to a writing schedule.

Planning Ahead

Make sure you earmark a certain amount of hours every day for blogging. Do not try and overdo it and be certain that you can easily achieve the time you allocate. It is not always necessary to publish daily, in all honesty, so do not give yourself too much to do.

Make Lists

Make sure you create a list of blog ideas and keep to those concepts as you write. If you are writing a blog on train journeys, for example, scribble down some really interesting routes and jot down the great sights and key landmarks you will pass on that special journey.

Never Waste Time with Complicated Structures

This means you should stick to the tried and tested formats that every writer does. There is no way you are going to win any literature prizes, so you should not try to; just keep it simple, structured and easy to read.

“Talk” to Your Reader

Do you remember that great story one of your chums told you down the local bar? Imagine him or her saying it aloud and then reading your blog. What we are saying is: do not make the reading of your blog too serious, official or complicated – just relax and let it tell its own story.

Spare Posts?

Always have a spare post ready to publish during times of writers’ block in a similar way a car driver will have a spare wheel in times of emergency. Follow these simple rules and engage your readership and improve your blog no end.

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